Finesse Worm Soft Plastic Bait

Finesse worms are an extremely popular and salt-infused soft plastic fishing bait.

A soft plastic lure that you fish by dragging across the bottom mimicking the swim of a minnow. Salt-infused soft plastic with a tapering body offers a durable and tasty bait.

Anglers have a lot of control and interaction with these versatile and well-balanced fishing lures creating alluring and realistic action. Finesse worms can be rigged in several methods including Texas style, finesse rig, and drop shot or split shot. Finesse worms are just that. A more subtle approach to your backwater fishing.

If you’re looking to take a more subtle and interactive approach to your backwater fishing, the 6" Pumpkin Seed Finesse Worm, 6" Watermelon Red Flake Finesse, and 6" Bluegill Finesse Worm provided by the Back Water Supply Company are ideal for you!

Finesse Worm (6)

6" Pumpkin Seed Finesse Worm


6" Watermelon Red Flake Finesse Worm


Build your own Soft Plastic - 3 pack Bundle


Build Your Own Soft Plastic - 10 pack Bundle


Build your own Soft Plastic - 5 pack Bundle


6" Bluegill Finesse Worm